Birches alley
Autumn is the most color ful time of the year. Bright, juicy, saturated colors create a positive mood and make you smile!
This painting took a part at the collective exhibition under the name «Cataclysm» in Lega gallery in  Moscow city, where I constantly participate in the exhibition.
Winter landscape
On a painting is a winter sunset. The dazzling sunlight has dyed the snow on the trees from pale pastel to bright blue hues, it all looks very bright and life-affirming.
A piece of summer
This is a real tunnel, a green arch, which is located in the Sea Garden in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria on the Black Sea.
Autumn reflaction
Reflection of the autumn. Two branches of nibbles beautifully bent over the river and in the water you can see the whole spectrum of fiery foliage, saturated colors of autumn.
Haystacks art Giverny
Inspired by Monet. Haystacks at Giverny. The artwork was painted in large strokes, using warm colors.
Farm in Tuscany
A painting about one of the most picturesque places in Italy, Tuscany. I painted in the technique of pasty painting, showed volume, incredible color rendering.
Japanese bridge
On a painting is a Japanese garden. Japanese garden symbolizes the perfect world of earthly nature, and sometimes acts as the personification of the Universe.
Winter river
Beautiful northern expanses in this painting. At sunset, the sun touches the water with several rays and its reflections are reflected in different colorful shades on the water.
Enchanted lake
In the painting there is a pond with water lilies, and in the background the bushes and hanging branches of the Willow and touch the water. The picture is very bright with various shades of green and beautiful water lily flowers.